Google limits AdSense reporting to 3 years and launches a new version of the report

The old report goes away in September. Reporting data will be limited to 3 years

AdSense reporting
AdSense reporting

Google yesterday announced it is launching a new version of the AdSense reporting. Google is limiting reporting data to 3 years for all AdSense products such as Adsense for content, and removing YouTube and AdMob data from AdSense reports. The launch is happening in phases during the next two weeks.

The old report goes away in September. Google said publishers can can download their old data from either the old Reports page (until the end of September) or the new Reports page (until the end of 2020).

Google redesigned the interface of the new report to make it easier to select date ranges, filters, breakdowns etc. Google removed metric families and added a new metrics picker.

Google says the charts were improved and more closely integrated with the table. Publishers can now display each data series on a chart with a single click.

The new AdSense reporting is a mobile-optimized page providing the same experience on desktop or in mobile devices.

Google introduced more in-product on the new report to hover over the information icons in the interface. It has explanations about the metrics.