Google Maps unveils AI-Powered Place Discovery

Google Maps unveils AI-Powered Place Discovery
Generative AI in Google Maps

Google Maps this week launched a new feature called generative AI-powered place discovery. This feature will allow users to get personalized recommendations for places to visit based on their specific needs and preferences. The feature is currently in pilot testing with a select group of Local Guides in the U.S., but it will eventually be rolled out to everyone.

  • The feature analyzes Google Maps' database of over 250 million places and insights from 300 million contributors.
  • Users can ask for places with specific attributes, such as "places with a vintage vibe in SF" or "activities for a rainy day."
  • The feature provides results organized into helpful categories, along with photo carousels and review summaries.
  • Users can save places to lists, share them with friends, and revisit them later.

Planning a group outing can be tricky, especially when everyone has different tastes and preferences. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to personalized recommendations with Google Maps' newest feature: generative AI-powered place discovery.

Launching this week to select Local Guides in the U.S., this tool helps uncover spots that match users specific needs, no matter how niche or broad. Users need to describe what they are looking for, and Google's AI will analyze its database of over 250 million places and insights from 300 million contributors to curate the suggestions.

Imagine the following searches

  • Vintage shopping spree in San Francisco: Ask for "places with a vintage vibe in SF," and Maps will present clothing stores, vinyl shops, and flea markets tailored to your style, complete with photos and review highlights.
  • Rainy day fun for the whole family: Stuck indoors? Ask for "activities for a rainy day," and get suggestions for comedy shows, movie theaters, or child-friendly options like bowling alleys and museums, all filtered by family-friendly reviews.

Key features of generative AI in Maps

  • Personalized recommendations: Get suggestions based on your specific descriptions and preferences.
  • Rich information: See photos, review summaries, and helpful categories to make informed choices.
  • Easy organization: Save places to lists, share with friends, and revisit later.
  • Spontaneous exploration: Find things to do on the fly, like indoor activities when it rains.

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