Google Marketing Live 2024 opens registration

Google Marketing Live 2024 opens registration
Google Marketing Live

Google this week officially opened registration for its highly anticipated annual event, Google Marketing Live 2024. Scheduled for May 21st, this must-attend conference for PPC marketers will focus on the latest Google Ads innovations and strategies for harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge business growth.

Key Details:

What to Expect:

Google promises a front-row seat to groundbreaking AI-powered tools within their Ads platform. Participants will gain valuable insights from live keynote sessions and on-demand content, all tailored towards achieving exceptional business growth.

Google Marketing Live consistently serves as the launchpad for major new products and features within the Google Ads ecosystem. Last year's event placed a strong emphasis on AI advancements, and this year looks to continue the trend. Staying up-to-date on these innovations is crucial for marketers seeking a competitive edge in the digital advertising landscape.

A summary of key themes and announcements from past Google Marketing Live events:

Google Marketing Live 2023

  • Focus: The Power of AI in Advertising
  • Major Announcements:
    • Generative AI features across Google Ads for creating text assets and images.
    • New Performance Max campaign features for enhanced omnichannel and store-focused advertising.
    • Merchant Center Next: A redesigned, AI-powered platform for retailers.
    • AI-powered asset creation for search queries.
    • Product Studio to help advertisers create images with AI capabilities.

Google Marketing Live 2022

  • Focus: Privacy and Adapting to a Cookieless Future
  • Major Announcements:
    • Enhanced Conversions: A new modeling approach for better conversion tracking in a privacy-centric environment.
    • My Ad Center: Increased user control over the ads they see across Google properties.
    • Performance Max Updates: New capabilities, insights, and expanded features.
    • Innovations in YouTube Shorts ads.

Google Marketing Live 2021

  • Focus: First-party data strategies and measurement
  • Major Announcements:
    • Customer Match expansion: Ability to leverage first-party data for targeting.
    • Enhanced conversions for leads: Improved lead form measurement capabilities.
    • Performance Max campaigns: A new goal-based campaign type.
    • Expanded insights and visualizations in Google Analytics 4.

Google Marketing Live 2020

  • Focus: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year focused on helping businesses adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Major Announcements:
    • New "Insights" page in Google Ads for identifying trends.
    • Local campaign features for promoting in-store and curbside pickup options.
    • Smart Bidding improvements for more efficient campaign management.

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