Google Merchant Center Next expands Product Studio to UK, India, and Japan

Google Merchant Center Next expands its free AI image generation tool Product Studio to the UK, India, Japan and adds new features like scene themes and direct image uploads.

Product Studio
Product Studio

Google this month announced an expansion of its Product Studio tool within Merchant Center Next. Product Studio is a suite of free, AI-powered tools designed to help merchants create high-quality product images for their online stores.

Product Studio uses artificial intelligence to generate product images, edit existing images, and enhance product data. It can be particularly useful for businesses that lack the resources for professional photography or design services.

Some of the key functionalities of Product Studio include:

  • Scene Generation: Creates product images showcasing products in natural settings.
  • Background Edit: Removes the background of a product image, placing it on a clean white background.
  • Increase Resolution: Improves the quality and size of existing product images.

Product Studio Expansion and Feature Enhancements

Previously only available to merchants in the US, Canada, and Australia, Product Studio is now accessible to merchants based in the UK, India, and Japan. This expansion allows businesses in these countries to leverage AI-powered tools to create product visuals that can potentially improve product listings and conversion rates.

In addition to the geographic expansion, Product Studio boasts several new features:

  • File Upload: Enables users to directly upload new product images to Product Studio for scene generation or background editing.
  • New Themes: Introduces seasonal theme templates for scene generation, allowing for quick creation of product images with festive or vacation settings. These themes are expected to be expanded throughout the year.

Product Studio Availability and Limitations

Product Studio is currently only available for merchants using Merchant Center Next. It can be accessed through the Merchant Center Next platform or within the Google & YouTube app on Shopify. Additionally, the tool currently supports English and Japanese prompts only.

It's important to note that Product Studio is still under development. While it can generate high-quality images for various products, it may not perform well with all product types. According to Google, Product Studio works best with consumer packaged goods with a clear focus on the product itself. It currently has limitations with images containing:

  • People or hands
  • Wall art or light fixtures
  • Products in regulated categories (e.g., alcohol, pharmaceuticals, weapons)

The expansion of Product Studio to new countries and the introduction of additional features provide valuable tools for merchants, particularly those with limited resources for professional product photography. However, understanding the current limitations of the tool is crucial for realistic expectations and optimal results. As Google gathers more data and refines its AI technology, Product Studio's capabilities are expected to improve over time.

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