Google Photos AI editing tools are now available to everyone

Google Photos AI editing tools are now available to everyone
Google Photos AI editing tools

Google this week announced a massive expansion of its popular AI-powered photo editing tools within Google Photos. Features like Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, and the ever-useful Magic Eraser will be available for free to all Google Photos users, regardless of their device or subscription status.

"These tools will gradually roll out starting May 15 and over the following weeks to all devices that meet minimum requirements. Look out for them in Google Photos to help make your shots picture-perfect," wrote Dina Berrada, Director of Product Management, Google Photos.

This move puts significant pressure on other players in the photo editing space:

  • Adobe: Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom software suites have long been the standard for professional photo editing. Google's democratization of advanced AI editing features makes it an increasingly compelling option for casual and enthusiast photographers.
  • Apple: Apple's built-in photo editing features within the iOS Photos app are known for their simplicity. Google's enhanced toolset, especially features like Magic Eraser, may tempt some iOS users to explore Google Photos.
  • Canva: Canva, a popular online design platform, offers basic photo editing tools. Google's focus on AI-powered editing, combined with its free access, introduces new possibilities for users seeking a more streamlined experience.

What Google Photos Users Can Now Do for Free

Google is generously releasing these tools with no monthly save limits for anyone using Google Photos:

  • Photo Unblur: Sharpen and restore detail to blurry photos.
  • Magic Eraser: Seamlessly remove unwanted objects and distractions.
  • Portrait Light: Adjust the brightness and position of lighting in portrait shots.

Pixel Owners and Google One Subscribers Get Even More

Those using Google Pixel devices or holding a Premium Google One subscription (2TB+) will enjoy unlimited saves when using the newly expanded Magic Editor. This powerful tool harnesses generative AI to reimagine photos; users can reposition subjects, transform backgrounds, and more.

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