Google releases Publisher Ads Audits

Google releases Publisher Ads Audits
Publisher Ads Audits

Google this week released Publisher Ads Audits. Publisher Ads Audits is a Lighthouse plugin to improve ad speed and overall quality that is targeted at sites using GPT or AdSense tags.

Google says the tool helps publishers to resolve discovered problems, and to evaluate the effectiveness of iterative changes.

Publisher Ads Audits supports AMP pages and web pages, it also includes a cumulative ad shift metric, enabling publishers to measure the impact of ads on Core Web Vitals metrics, and how the ads are affecting the stability of the page’s layout.

In May, this year, Core Web Vitals replaced the Speed Report in Google Search Console. Core Web Vitals (Page Experience) is a ranking signal for Google search results.

Publishers can test Publisher Ads Audits on the web app. According to Google, updates to the Chrome DevTools version will land in Chrome Stable with the Chrome 87 release (mid-November).

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