Google revamps Attribution in Google Ads

Google revamps Attribution in Google Ads
Attribution in Google Ads

Google this month revamped Attribution in Google Ads. Attribution was previously known as Search Attribution, and according to Google, the new overview page helps advertisers to visualize the customers’ paths to conversion. Besides the overview report, advertisers have available the following attribution reports: Top paths, Path metrics, Assisted conversions, and Model comparison.

On Model comparison, advertisers can see the percentage of customers who engaged with the ads on each device, and who did so using over one device.

Advertisers can also compare different attribution models with the model comparison report. The model comparison helps advertisers to compare the cost per conversion and return on ad spend for different attribution models, such as last click, rules-based, and data-driven attribution.

Google offers 6 attribution models: Last Click, First Click, Linear, Time decay, Position-based, and Data-driven.

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