Google rolls our several updates on the DV360 UI

Google rolls our several updates on the DV360 UI
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Google this month rolled out several updates on the DV360 UI, Google’s DSP. Google has introduced a new homepage workspace, new line item duplication options, updated messaging for creative approvals, and insights on custom bidding.

According to Google, a daily dynamic workspace has been added to the homepage, enabling advertisers to do a quick review of important insertion orders.

Advertisers can now choose the destination when they duplicate a line item, and what settings are carried over. Advertisers can duplicate line items within their existing insertion order, or another compatible insertion order within the same advertiser.

The wording and formatting used for creative approvals and rejections in Display & Video 360 has been updated. Google introduced a reference panel while creating custom bidding scripts. The panel displays the attribution models, Floodlight activities, and u-variables available within the associated advertiser.

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