Google rolls out AI tools to help merchants create and manage product imagery

Google rolls out AI tools to help merchants create and manage product imagery
Google Product Studio

Google Product Studio, a set of AI tools to help merchants create and manage product imagery, is now rolling out to all Merchant Center Next users in the US. The platform includes an experimental AI-powered scene generation feature, which uses a text-to-image generative AI model to help merchants place products into any creative scene they dream up.

Merchant Center Next is currently rolling out to new users and will be available to all merchants globally in 2024. Google Merchant Center Next is a new, simplified version of Google Merchant Center. It is designed to make it easier for merchants of all sizes to manage their product listings and reach more customers on Google.

With Product Studio in Merchant Center Next, merchants can quickly and easily remove distracting backgrounds, improve image resolution, and generate new product imagery that is tailored to their specific needs. For example, merchants can use Product Studio to create lifestyle product images for their e-commerce listings, or to create holiday-themed product images for social media campaigns.

One small business that has already benefited from Product Studio is Doppeltree, a skincare company. Doppeltree had some plain product images that they really liked, but they needed more content for social media and e-commerce. Doppeltree co-founder Tony Ouyang says that Product Studio's free generative AI technology "allowed us to diversify our product imagery, and produce high quality images in a fraction of the time it would usually take us to do it on our own or hire a photographer."

How to Get Started with Product Studio

To get started with Product Studio, merchants need to have a Merchant Center Next account. Once they have an account, they can log in to Product Studio and start creating and managing their product imagery.

To generate a new scene, merchants need to enter a text prompt describing the scene they want to create. Product Studio will then generate a high-quality image of the scene, including the merchant's product.

Merchants can also use Product Studio to remove distracting backgrounds from their product images, or to improve the resolution of their images. These features can be used to create more professional-looking product images that will appeal to potential customers.


Product Studio

Benefits of using Product Studio

  • Save time and money: Product Studio can help merchants save time and money on creating and managing product imagery. Merchants can quickly and easily generate new product images, or edit existing images, without having to hire a photographer or designer.
  • Create more visually appealing product imagery: Product Studio can help merchants create more visually appealing product imagery that will stand out from the competition. Merchants can use Product Studio to generate lifestyle product images, holiday-themed product images, or any other type of product image they need.
  • Improve product performance: Studies have shown that product listings with multiple images have higher click-through rates and conversion rates than product listings with a single image. Product Studio can help merchants create more product images, which can lead to improved product performance.

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