Google Search introduces Web Filter for Text-Only results

Google Search introduces Web Filter for Text-Only results
Web Filter for Text-Only results

Google today announced the rollout of a new search filter called "Web" designed to display only text-based links in search results. This addition mirrors existing filters for narrowing down results to images, videos, or news articles.

Many searchers prefer to focus on text-based information when conducting online research. Previously, Google search results included a mix of content formats like websites, images, videos, and news articles. This could overwhelm users who specifically seek textual information.

The "Web" filter addresses this need by providing a way to quickly exclude all non-textual content from the search results page. This allows users to focus on traditional websites and webpages containing the information they require.

The "Web" filter appears at the top of the search results page alongside other existing filters like "Images" or "Videos." In some cases, it might be located within a "More" menu depending on the layout of the search results page.

The "Web" filter is rolling out globally over the next two days, meaning it will be available to users in all regions where Google Search operates. This ensures that users worldwide can benefit from this new functionality.

The introduction of the "Web" filter reflects Google's ongoing efforts to refine search results and cater to user preferences. As search behavior continues to evolve, we can expect Google to introduce further functionalities that enhance the user experience.

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