Google tightens Location Asset Requirements for Google Ads

Google tightens Location Asset Requirements for Google Ads

Google is set to implement stricter guidelines for Location assets within Google Ads, effective December 2023. This update aims to enhance the relevance and accuracy of location information displayed in ads, ensuring a more seamless user experience.

Under the revised policy, certain types of location assets will no longer be permitted on Google Ads. These include:

  • Closed Locations: Locations that have ceased operations will be ineligible for location asset inclusion.
  • Unrecognized Locations: Locations that Google's systems cannot identify or verify will not be allowed as location assets.
  • Mismatched Locations: Location assets must accurately correspond to the business running the ad. Disparities between the advertised location and the actual business location will not be permitted.
  • Inconsistent Products or Services: Location assets must align with the products or services offered at the specified location. Assets promoting products or services unavailable at the designated location will be prohibited.

These changes are intended to ensure that location asset information remains accurate, relevant, and consistent with the advertised business and its offerings. By enforcing these guidelines, Google seeks to provide users with more reliable and relevant location-based ad experiences.

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