Google to add an OTT line item in DV360

Google to add an OTT line item in DV360

Google this week announced a new line item type in DV360, in addition to the existing 5 line items types. The new line item type “OTT line item” is adapted for buying TV ads across screens, and it will be added this month in DV360.

OTT means Over-The-Top. OTT Ads run on film and television content, no matter the screen.

Glenn Thrope, Senior Product Manager DV360, at Google, wrote that advertisers should use the OTT line item to avoid configuration errors. Google says the OTT line item automatically picks inventory from connected TV apps, and if the content on these apps can be viewed on other devices too, the new line item will include these environments.

This means advertisers buy video ads from Disney Media Networks across connected TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet, for example.

The DV360 Line Item types

  • Display (image, HTML5, and native ads)
  • Video (video ads)
  • Audio (audio ads)
  • TrueView (YouTube and partners)
  • Mobile app install (display and video ads that drive installs)
  • OTT (connected TV and other screens)

Google this week announced that it is adding a TV section in DV360’s Marketplace.

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