Google to allow promotion of telemedicine services in France

Google to allow promotion of telemedicine services in France

Google yesterday announced a significant update to its Healthcare and Medicines policy. The update, set to be enforced from October 10, 2023, will allow LegitScript-certified telemedicine providers to promote their services in France, marking a pivotal moment in the provision of virtual healthcare.

The policy update brings with it several key changes, designed to ensure the safe and regulated promotion of telemedicine services in France:

Promotion of Telemedicine Services:

Google has revised its policy to permit the promotion of telemedicine services by providers who have achieved accreditation through LegitScript's Healthcare Merchant Certification and Monitoring Program. This program is renowned for offering certification to businesses involved in virtual healthcare services, particularly those that facilitate the prescribing of medicines.

Despite the liberalization of telemedicine promotion, advertisers are still prohibited from promoting prescription drugs in their ads, landing pages, and keywords. The focus of this update is on ensuring that telemedicine services are appropriately recognized and accessible in France while maintaining a strong regulatory framework around prescription drugs.

This move is expected to benefit both consumers and healthcare providers in France. Patients will gain greater access to remote medical consultations and advice, providing a more convenient and efficient way to access healthcare. For healthcare providers, this policy update represents an opportunity to reach a broader audience, serving the healthcare needs of the French population more effectively.

While the policy change comes into effect on October 10, 2023, advertisers and telemedicine providers in France are encouraged to review the updated guidelines and ensure their compliance with the new regulations. Advertisers looking to promote telemedicine services will be required to undergo the certification process offered by LegitScript and comply with Google's advertising policies.

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