Google to deprecate Audience Profile Analysis feature within DV360

Google to deprecate Audience Profile Analysis feature within DV360
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Google has announced the upcoming deprecation of the Audience Profile Analysis feature within its Display & Video 360 platform. The change, effective April 1st, 2024, aims to simplify the platform's audience portfolio and prioritize the development of solutions resilient to the phasing out of third-party cookies (3PCD).

What is Audience Profile Analysis?

The Audience Profile Analysis tool allowed advertisers to analyze how their chosen audiences overlapped with other available audiences on Display & Video 360. It provided insights into audience composition, similarity, and the potential for extending campaign reach.

Rationale for Deprecation

Google's decision aligns with the broader industry shift away from third-party cookie-reliant audience solutions. The company is focusing on developing durable, privacy-centric tools to ensure advertisers can continue to effectively target their desired audiences in the evolving landscape.

Timeline and Impact

  • April 1st, 2024: The Audience Profile Analysis feature will be inaccessible and removed from the Analysis section of the Display & Video 360 Audience module.
  • Advertisers: Users should carefully review any current or planned campaigns that may rely on insights derived from the Audience Profile Analysis.

Alternative Solutions

Google emphasizes its ongoing commitment to providing robust audience targeting and analysis options for Display & Video 360 advertisers. While no direct replacement for the Audience Profile Analysis is being announced, users are likely to find value in exploring other features within the platform's audience suite.

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