Google launches a new CTV frequency management in DV360

Google launches a new CTV frequency management in DV360

Google this week announced the launch of a new CTV frequency management (FC) in DV360. The new FC solution enables advertisers to control the number of times people see their ads across YouTube and other CTV apps.

Advertisers can only buy video ads on YouTube via Google Ads or DV360. Marvin Renaud, Director, Global Video Solutions at Google, wrote that "on average, brands see a 5% reach per dollar increase when managing CTV ad frequency across YouTube and other CTV apps rather than separately."

According to Google, the new CTV Frequency Management enables advertisers to set a frequency goal, and DV360 will aim to show the ad no more than that goal.

“This more user-centric approach lowers your risk of triggering ad fatigue,” wrote Marvin Renaud.

DV360’s cross-channel CTV frequency management solution works for all formats, exchanges, CTV devices and deal types. According to Google, DV360 uses Google data on YouTube and the IAB standard Identifier for Advertising on other CTV inventory. To identify overlaps of people who watch both YouTube CTV and shows on other CTV apps, Google says it’s using a Unique Reach model, relying on a combination of data sources like census data, panels and surveys.

To use the feature, advertisers need to target YouTube CTV and other CTV inventory under the same campaign or insertion order, and set the frequency goal at that level.

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