Google to roll out Custom Bidding in DV360

Google to roll out Custom Bidding in DV360

Google this month announced the roll out of Custom Bidding in DV360. Custom Bidding enables advertisers to write custom scripts that define how much an impression is worth. The roll out will happen in the following weeks.

Google says that advertisers need to have a basic knowledge of Python to write the script. The script will script optimize the bids for the highest performance based on the goal.

Casper Verhoofstad, Product Manager DV360 at Google, wrote that the script uses signals to assign scores to ad impressions in order to define how much each impression is worth to an advertiser, based on its expected ability to drive your chosen KPI. Once the campaign starts, DV360 uses the scoring model built on the script to predict the value of each impression and adjust each bid accordingly.

Signals can be anything that is measurable as a Floodlight activity or a goal in Google Analytics 360, he wrote.

According to Google, the custom scripts work specially with metrics other than standard automated bidding goals. These include Custom Floodlight Variables, Sales Floodlight Revenue, Weighted Conversions, and Conversion activities that occur infrequently (different weighting to upper and lower funnel events).

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