Google to update its Advertiser Business Operations Verification Program

Google to update its Advertiser Business Operations Verification Program
Advertiser Verification - Verify your business operations

Google yesterday announced an update to its advertiser verification program, providing detailed information about the business operations verification process. This update aims to enhance transparency and clarity for advertisers.

The updated guidance includes a step-by-step guide to completing business operations verification, addressing common concerns and clarifying the reasons for failing verifications. The update provides example scenarios that could trigger the requirement for business operations verification.

Google says this enhancement is intended to provide additional information and does not affect the scope of enforcement within the advertiser verification program.

The updated information is now available to advertisers through Google's Help Center.

Business operations verification is a process that Google Ads requires advertisers to complete to ensure that they are legitimate businesses and that their ads comply with Google Ads policies. The verification process can involve submitting documentation, such as business licenses or registration, and providing information about the advertiser's business practices.

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