Google unveils new chrome extension to simplify enhanced conversions setup

Google's new Chrome extension, EC Assist, helps advertisers troubleshoot and optimize their Enhanced Conversions setup for better Google Ads performance.

EC Assist Conversion Detected
EC Assist Conversion Detected

Google this month launched a new tool designed to streamline the setup process for Enhanced Conversions within Google Ads. This tool, called EC Assist, takes the form of a Chrome extension and aims to address a common pain point for advertisers.

What are Enhanced Conversions?

Enhanced Conversions is a feature within Google Ads that allows advertisers to send hashed customer conversion data directly to Google. This data can then be leveraged by various Google Ads tools, such as Smart Bidding, to optimize campaign performance and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Challenges with Enhanced Conversions Setup

Despite the potential benefits of Enhanced Conversions, setting it up correctly can be a complex process for some advertisers. The level of complexity can vary depending on the structure and technical aspects of a website. 

EC Assist

EC Assist
EC Assist

EC Assist aims to alleviate these setup challenges by offering a user-friendly troubleshooting tool. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • Installation: Advertisers can download and install the EC Assist Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Test Conversion: Once installed, users can run a test conversion on their website.
  • Issue Identification: EC Assist analyzes the test conversion and identifies any potential issues within the Enhanced Conversions setup.
  • Recommendations: The extension provides clear and actionable recommendations to address the identified issues and optimize the setup process.

The launch of EC Assist represents a positive step for Google Ads users. This tool has the potential to:

  • Simplify Setup: By offering a guided approach to troubleshooting, EC Assist can make setting up Enhanced Conversions more accessible to advertisers of all technical skill levels.
  • Improve Campaign Performance: By ensuring a more accurate and optimized Enhanced Conversions setup,advertisers can potentially enhance the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns.
  • Increase Efficiency: The streamlined troubleshooting process offered by EC Assist can save advertisers valuable time and resources.

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