Google updates DV360’s troubleshooter to tell advertisers the causes for impression loss

Google updates DV360’s troubleshooter to tell advertisers the causes for impression loss

Google is being updating DV360’s troubleshooter on the last weeks. On the deal troubleshooter, advertisers can see why the deals are not spending, and see the specific reasons and quantifications for why impressions are lost.

According to Google, the data is available within one hour for total available requests, impressions won, and win rate. Detailed data take longer.

On the last update, Google is enabling advertisers to see which frequency cap in the campaign’s hierarchy is causing impression loss. Besides, advertisers can also see impression loss attributed to no cookies on a bid request.

There are 3 reasons for filtering eligible impressions (impressions meeting the targeting): frequency, budget or pacing.

Advertisers can also see why Google is filtering the bid requests. Here there are also 3 reasons for filtering the bid requests: prebid, targeting, and creative.


  • Invalid traffic
  • Unauthorized seller (Ads.txt)
  • Could not lookup Deal ID
  • Domain could not be crawled (Brand safety)
  • Domain is not approved for ad requests
  • Traffic from minors in CA and DL
  • Content language not supported
  • Rewarded ads are not supported
  • Provided URL is an IP address
  • Non-monetizable content
  • Other


  • Brand safety
  • Apps and URLs
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Environment
  • Viewability
  • Language
  • Video targeting
  • User-rewarded content
  • Audience list
  • Geography
  • Day and time
  • Demographics
  • Browser
  • Device
  • Connection speed
  • Carrier and ISP
  • Inventory source
  • A/B or brand lift experiments
  • Ad position
  • Authorized Seller state
  • More than 3 dimensions


  • Creative dimensions don’t match inventory
  • Uses a 4th party URL not allowed by publisher
  • Publisher doesn’t accept creative assets of this type (e.g. most commonly Flash)
  • Creative type doesn’t match inventory type
  • Creative isn’t approved by exchange
  • Product category of creative is blocked by exchange
  • Direction of expandable creative doesn’t match inventory
  • Click-through URL not allowed by publisher
  • Creative content is in a category restricted by publisher
  • Landing page is blacklisted by publisher
  • Creative doesn’t match brand safety requirements
  • Skippability of video doesn’t match inventory requirements
  • Creative format doesn’t match inventory
  • Video has playback errors
  • Video is too long
  • Too many VAST wrappers
  • Video format doesn’t match inventory
  • Language of creative doesn’t match inventory
  • Creative requires companion slot, but doesn’t match

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