Google updates Google Ad Manager API bringing new reporting and video features

Google yesterday updated Google Ad Manager API into the version v201911. The new API adds the CMS_METADATA dimension and cmsMetadataKeyIds ReportQuery field, new error messages for some ReportQuery configuration issues, and removes the Sales Manager ReportQuery options: “includeZeroSalesRows” and “PROPOSAL_LOCAL enum value from timeZoneType.”

On the reporting, publishers can now break down reports by CMS Metadata, which was added as a targeting option in v201902 of the Ad Manager API.

The added error messages for some ReportQuery configuration issues are:


On Video, the main update was the inclusion of CMS_METADATA dimension and cmsMetadataKeyIds on the ReportQuery field. This enables publishers of having read and write customVastExtension, which provides access to XML extensions that are part of the VAST specification (both v3 and v4). Publishers can also set the mediaPlaylistOriginForwardingType and mediaPlaylistOriginPathPrefix fields on CdnConfigurations.

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