Google's App Campaigns roadmap for the third quarter of 2020

Google this month presented several updates for App Campaigns, bringing new features for advertisers and publishers

Google this month launched new app advertising solutions for App campaigns on the event Think Games 2020.

For advertisers this means app campaigns for engagement will become globally available in September. There will be app campaigns for pre-registration, advertisers are now able to use maximize conversions bidding for App campaigns for installs (ACi), tROAS bidding will move to open beta for ACi. Google also says it will have a new creative simplification process (below how it works).

For publishers, Open Bidding will move to an open beta for all AdMob publishers this fall, there will be an Impression-level LTV pingback, a new rewarded interstitials ad format, an app open ad format beta, and an AdMob plug-in for Unity software.

Ad partners in the Open Bidding:

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The updates for advertisers

App campaigns for pre-registration

App campaign for pre-registration enables advertisers to create an App campaign that promotes pre-registration for apps or games before they release on Google Play. Available on Google Ads.

Maximize conversions bidding for App campaigns for installs

Maximize conversions bidding in App campaigns is available in Google Ads since August 4, 2020. Google says with this bidding advertisers will let Google’s machine learning technology drive as many installs in as little time as possible.

Target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) open beta for App campaigns for installs

tROAS adjust the bids dynamically based on the value each user is likely to bring for agame. tROAS bidding will be available later this year to all advertisers bidding on Google Analytics for Firebase events.

Creative simplification

Advertisers will have a simple creative development process by creating image ads only in 1.91:1, 1:1, and 4:5 aspect ratios.

The updates for publishers

Impression-level LTV pingback

Publishers are now able to get real-time estimates of impression values to help measure lifetime value of players across all revenue sources (iOS, Android, Unity).

Rewarded interstitials

Rewarded interstitials enables publishers to proactively show players in-game offers in exchange for watching a video during gameplay breaks.

App open beta

App open ad units appear when the user opens an app or switches back to the app.

AdMob plug-in for Unity software

Publishers can create and edit ads easily in the Unity interface.

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