Gracenote simplifies U.S. FAST channel launch with expanded program

Gracenote simplifies U.S. FAST channel launch with expanded program

Nielsen's content data business unit, Gracenote, today announced the U.S. expansion of its FAST Program, designed to ease the launch process for new free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels.

U.S. content owners can now leverage Gracenote's expertise to get their TV programs and movies onto leading streaming platforms with the industry-standard metadata essential for discoverability and monetization.

The FAST market is booming in response to rising entertainment costs, with eMarketer predicting nearly one-third of the U.S. population (114.5 million viewers) will be watching FAST channels by 2027.

Gracenote's FAST Program, first introduced in Europe in late 2023, streamlines FAST launches by ensuring content owners have the necessary metadata to power viewer discoverability. The program taps Gracenote's established distribution relationships with major streaming platforms, enabling seamless onboarding and immediate content availability.

“Go-to-market complexity in the FAST ecosystem can slow the process of launching channels and getting content in front of entertainment-hungry viewers,” said Tim Cutting, Chief Revenue Officer at Gracenote. “By removing obstacles for content owners in the U.S., the Gracenote FAST Program facilitates wider content distribution, better content discovery and deeper viewer engagement. Ultimately, this helps participants maximize ad monetization against their valuable content assets and position themselves for success now and into the future.”

Gracenote handles the data and metadata formatting specific to each streaming platform, simplifying the process for owners. Qualifying program participants gain these key benefits:

  • Ingestible Schedules: Gracenote ensures standardized schedules with accurate date and time formats, aiding smooth tune-in.
  • Merchandising Assets: Synopses and images are provided to enhance how programs are presented on each platform, drawing viewers in.
  • Expanded Metadata: Gracenote's taxonomy helps categorize and tag content, making it easier for viewers to find.

Gracenote is a Nielsen business, providing entertainment metadata, content IDs, and related offerings to leading creators, distributors, and platforms globally. Gracenote technology powers advanced content navigation, enabling viewers to easily connect to their favorite shows, movies, music, and sports.

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