GumGum and ShowHeroes join forces for Contextual Video Advertising

This collaboration aims to provide advertisers with access to a wider range of video ad inventory and enhanced targeting capabilities.

GumGum and ShowHeroes join forces for Contextual Video Advertising
GumGum and ShowHeroes

GumGum and ShowHeroes yesterday announced a global partnership with a particular focus on the U.S. market. This collaboration aims to provide advertisers with access to a wider range of video ad inventory and enhanced targeting capabilities.

Contextual advertising involves placing ads on web pages or within video content that is relevant to the surrounding content. Instead of relying on user data or browsing history, contextual advertising analyzes the content of the page or video to determine ad placement.

How Does This Partnership Benefit Advertisers?

Increased Reach: This partnership grants GumGum advertisers access to ShowHeroes' video inventory, reaching over 2 billion unique users monthly. This expands GumGum's existing reach and offers advertisers the potential to connect with a wider audience.

Enhanced Targeting: Both GumGum and ShowHeroes leverage contextual targeting methods. This partnership allows advertisers to target ads based on the surrounding content of the video, potentially leading to a more relevant ad experience for viewers.

Measurable Results: According to the press release, the partnership emphasizes measurable, outstanding results. This suggests a focus on providing advertisers with clear metrics to track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

As data privacy regulations become stricter, contextual advertising offers a way for advertisers to reach target audiences without relying on personal data. This aligns with GumGum's stated mission of building a "more equitable and safer future" for the advertising ecosystem.

ShowHeroes offers content, technology, and advertising solutions within the online video space. They act as a co-publisher to leading online media outlets, reaching nearly 2 billion unique users and generating almost 80 billion video views per month.

GumGum's Verity™ platform is the first ad tech provider to receive accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for contextual analysis, brand safety, and suitability across various environments. Verity analyzes videos frame-by-frame to ensure optimal contextual targeting and brand safety.

The long-term impact of this partnership remains to be seen. However, it has the potential to be significant for the contextual video advertising landscape. By combining GumGum's contextual targeting expertise with ShowHeroes' extensive video inventory, this collaboration could offer advertisers a powerful tool to reach their target audiences in a privacy-conscious manner.

Overall, this partnership between GumGum and ShowHeroes signifies a potential step forward for contextual video advertising. It offers advertisers a wider reach, enhanced targeting capabilities, and potentially more privacy-conscious solutions. The success of this collaboration will depend on factors such as advertiser adoption, the effectiveness of the combined targeting methods, and the continued importance of contextual advertising in a privacy-focused future.

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