GumGum deploys White Ops in its entire inventory

GumGum deploys White Ops in its entire inventory

The exchange GumGum this month announced that has deployed White Ops across its entire inventory.  White Ops is helping GumGum to prevent ad fraud.

According to GumGum, the inventory was protected by White Ops’ post-bid product FraudSensor for the past three years and has been protected by MediaGuard since Q1 of this year. Buyers and sellers on GumGum’s exchange will see no change in inventory pricing.

“We’ve always had a safety first mentality, hence our investment in computer vision and NLP contextual analysis brand safety technology,” said GumGum VP of Programmatic Adam Schenkel. “But safety isn’t just about feeling secure about where ads are placed. It’s also about feeling secure that ad dollars are well spent – that, when ads are placed, they’re being seen by real live consumers. White Ops is the best in the business at identifying and blocking non-human traffic, so this partnership is helping realize our goal of delivering the absolute safest media buying solution possible.”

White Ops’ MediaGuard pre-bid prevention API is a machine-learning algorithm that learns and adapts in real-time from White Ops bot detection techniques to predict and block bot driven ad requests before a buyer has the opportunity to bid on them.

“Cybercrime becomes more advanced and because of that, ad fraud persists in new, creative forms,” said Michael Tiffany, President and Co-Founder of White Ops. “Protecting against these tactics requires a comprehensive, dynamic and adaptive prevention solution. By implementing MediaGuard pre-bid fraud prevention, GumGum has reaffirmed its commitment to giving its advertisers and publishers real peace of mind when it comes to the validity of ad impressions.”

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