Header Bidding: Prebid now supports multiple media formats within a single ad unit

The version 1.2.0 of Prebid.js has been released today. Prebid.js is the open source solution for Header Bidding supported by Appnexus and in this new version, publishers using Prebid, can have multiple media formats within a single ad unit.

According to the Prebid page, “an ad unit can declare multiple media types, and any bidder that supports at least one of those types may take part in that auction.”

With Header Bidding, previously, only one media format per ad type was supported, and only bidders that were compatible with that media format were eligible to participate.

On the version 1.2.0 of Prebid, there are 8 new bidders participating: Gjirafa, NasmediaAdmixer, Media.net, vi, InSkin, Colossus, Optimera, RockYou.