How Amazon's Image Generator boosts campaign submissions by over 20%

Amazon Ads' Image Generator, a generative AI tool launched in late 2023, is revolutionizing the process by helping brands increase campaign submissions by over 20%.

Amazon Ads' Image Generator
Amazon Ads' Image Generator

Creating engaging ad creative is a constant battle for brands. It's time-consuming, expensive, and requires adapting to various ad placements with different aspect ratios. Amazon Ads' Image Generator, a generative AI tool launched in late 2023, is revolutionizing the process by helping brands increase campaign submissions by over 20%.

Developing effective ad creative is a bottleneck for many brands. Finding the right balance between cost-effective, scalable standard ad formats and more engaging, but resource-intensive, native ad formats is a challenge.

“With generative AI, you don’t need to choose between quality and efficiency—you can have both,” sayd Jay Richman, vice president of product and technology for Amazon Ads. Richman’s team was responsible for developing Image Generator.

Image Generator tackles this challenge by leveraging generative AI technology to automatically create lifestyle images featuring a brand's product. Here's the workflow:

  1. Input: Brands upload their actual product image.
  2. AI Analysis: Image Generator analyzes product descriptions, customer reviews, and other data to understand the product's features and potential uses.
  3. Automated Image Creation: Using this data, Image Generator creates new images showcasing the product in a real-world setting.

The key to Image Generator's success lies in its ability to generate multiple creative variations. This empowers brands to:

A/B Test Effectively: With a wider range of ad creative options, brands can conduct A/B testing to identify the variations that resonate best with target audiences.

Break Through Creative Barriers: The ability to generate multiple creative assets quickly addresses the time and resource constraints often associated with traditional creative development.

Increase Campaign Submissions: By overcoming these barriers, Image Generator has demonstrably increased campaign submissions by over 20%, allowing brands to test a wider range of ad options and potentially reach a larger audience.

Real-World Results: A 20% Increase in Submissions

According to Amazon Ads, brands using Image Generator have seen a significant increase in campaign submissions – over 20%. This translates to more opportunities to test different creative approaches and potentially reach new customers.

While the increase in submissions is a key benefit, Image Generator offers additional advantages:

Improved Efficiency: The tool significantly reduces the time and resources required for creating ad creative.

Enhanced Campaign Performance: Early adopters of Image Generator have reported a nearly 5% rise in Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS), suggesting improved ad effectiveness.

Amazon Ads plans to introduce even more advanced features throughout 2024. These features are expected to further streamline the creative development process and potentially lead to even greater campaign performance improvements.

The increasing adoption of generative AI tools like Image Generator has the potential to significantly alter the advertising landscape. By reducing creative development costs and streamlining the process, these tools can empower brands to create more engaging and effective advertising, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment (ROI). Amazon's investment in generative AI tools reflects a growing trend within the advertising industry, as AI continues to reshape the way brands approach marketing and advertising.

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