How to remove ads from Gmail

How to remove ads from Gmail
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Completely removing all ads from Gmail isn't possible unless you pay for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). However, you can minimize ad exposure by following these methods:

Switch Inbox View

Gmail ads primarily appear in the "Promotions" and "Social" tabs of the tabbed inbox interface. Switching to a different view like "Single Inbox" or "Priority Inbox" hides these tabs and their ads.

Disable Specific Tabs

  • If you don't utilize the "Promotions," "Social," "Updates," or "Forums" tabs, disable them entirely. Here's how:
    • Go to Settings (gear icon) > See all settings.
    • Click the Inbox tab.
    • Uncheck the boxes next to the tabs you want to disable.
    • Click Save Changes.

Opt Out of Personalized Ads

  • While still seeing ads, you can prevent them from being based on your personal information.
    • Visit the Ads Settings page
    • Turn off Ads Personalization.

Opting out of personalized ads only affects ad targeting, not their presence.

Gmail is a free service, and ads help support its development. While minimizing ads is possible, completely removing them requires a paid Google Workspace subscription.

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