HubSpot releases report on Platform Ecosystems

HubSpot releases report on Platform Ecosystems
Number of apps in the largest software companies' app marketplaces

HubSpot this week released a new report titled The State of Platforms 2024. The report, produced in collaboration with Canalys and Partnership Leaders, draws on data from the 50 largest software companies to provide insights into the structure, size, and monetization of platform ecosystems. It also explores the challenges and opportunities faced by companies as they build and manage these ecosystems.

In the ever-evolving landscape of software, platforms are becoming increasingly important as they provide a framework for connecting businesses with the tools and services they need to succeed.

Key Findings

  • Platforms with thriving ecosystems generate significantly more revenue than those without.
  • The average number of apps in the top 50 software companies' marketplaces is 1,498.
  • Nearly a third of top software companies have a unified app and services marketplace.
  • Nearly 50% of the top 50 software companies' app marketplaces are transactional.
  • The highest-ranking partnership leader only reports to the CEO 17% of the time.
  • On average, the percentage of employees working in sales is 7 times higher than the percentage of employees working in partnerships, and the percentage for marketers is 5.5 times higher.

Marketing professionals play a crucial role in driving the success of platform ecosystems. They are responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies that attract and engage partners, as well as for creating marketing materials and collateral that promote the platform and its ecosystem.

In order to be effective in this role, marketing professionals need to be well-versed in the platform business model and understand the specific needs of partners.

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