HubSpot unveils major updates at Spotlight, including all-new service hub and content hub

HubSpot unveils major updates at Spotlight, including all-new service hub and content hub
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HubSpot this week announced a significant product update at its biannual Spotlight event. The update includes the launch of entirely new Service Hub and Content Hub solutions, alongside global availability of Commerce Hub and expanded features powered by HubSpot AI.

HubSpot emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt to evolving customer expectations and technological advancements.


Andy Pitre, Executive Vice President of Product at HubSpot, introduces Spotlight and the major product announcements featured, including all-new Service Hub, Content Hub, Commerce Hub, and HubSpot AI l

All-new service hub transforms customer experience teams

The all-new Service Hub, powered by HubSpot AI, is designed to be the first solution that unifies support and success functions. This combined approach empowers customer experience (CX) leaders to improve support efficiency and drive customer retention.

For enhanced support scalability, Service Hub offers features like:

  • Help Desk Workspace: A centralized workspace for customer service representatives (CSRs) to manage tickets, access real-time updates, and leverage search and filter functions for improved efficiency.
  • Advanced Tools for Scaling Support: These include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for comprehensive reporting, robust routing to ensure tickets reach the right CSRs, and workforce management functionalities for setting user availability and skills.

To drive customer retention, Service Hub introduces a Customer Success Workspace (currently in beta). This workspace provides success teams with a central location to manage their customer portfolios, access actionable insights, and create custom segments. Features include:

  • Account Activity & Pipelines: Tailored overviews for each CSM, providing easy access to critical customer information.
  • Customer Health Scores: Allow CSMs to proactively identify churn risk and prioritize outreach efforts.
  • Product Usage Integrations: Integrate essential applications like Pendo, Amplitude, Segment, or HubSpot's Custom Events API to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Service Hub is further bolstered by over a dozen AI-powered features, including:

  • GPT-powered Chatbot: Provides 24/7 support, freeing up CSRs to address complex issues.
  • Real-time Reply Recommendations & Conversation Summaries: Expedited resolution times through multilingual support and suggested next steps for CSRs after customer calls.

Reinventing content marketing with Content Hub

HubSpot builds upon its legacy of marketing innovation with the introduction of Content Hub, an all-in-one content marketing solution powered by HubSpot AI. Content Hub streamlines content creation and management across the entire customer journey.

Key functionalities of Content Hub include:

  • AI Content Creation: Simplifies multilingual content creation by generating ideas, writing blog posts, and creating images.
  • Content Remix: Effortlessly generate a content pipeline from a single asset, addressing a need identified by 65% of marketers according to HubSpot's research.
  • Brand Voice: Ensures consistent brand voice across various content formats, including blogs, social media posts, and emails.
  • Audio Tooling: Enables creation, hosting, and distribution of podcasts. Additionally, Post Narration allows conversion of text to audio for improved content accessibility.
  • Members Blog & Gated Content Library: Manage content, offer premium content, and generate leads effectively.

Commerce Hub goes global with Stripe partnership

HubSpot expands access to unified commerce by making Commerce Hub available to its free users. Additionally, a partnership with Stripe brings Commerce Hub to a global audience, offering local payment methods and multicurrency capabilities.

Through Stripe's Financial Connections, HubSpot customers can accept payments via bank accounts, while Stripe Payment Element optimizes the checkout experience by displaying the most relevant payment methods for each customer.

Commerce Hub offers additional functionalities such as:

  • Enhanced Tools for Managing Invoices, Subscriptions, and Payment Schedules
  • Local Payment Methods for a flexible checkout experience using credit cards or bank transfers.
  • New QuickBooks Integration: Enables two-way sync for invoices and payments, streamlining financial management.
  • New API for Payments, Invoices, and Subscriptions: Extends the capabilities of Commerce Hub through custom integrations.

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