IAB and MRC release Augmented Reality measurement guidelines for public comment

IAB and MRC release Augmented Reality measurement guidelines for public comment
Augmented Reality

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council (MRC) have jointly released their Augmented Reality (AR) Measurement Guidelines, establishing a framework for consistent definitions and evaluation metrics for advertising within AR campaigns.

The public is invited to submit comments on the guidelines until March 9, 2024.

Purpose of the Guidelines

  • Standardize measurements for ad delivery, viewability, audience, engagement, and performance in AR campaigns.
  • Ensure fairness and transparency for both buyers and sellers in the AR advertising space.
  • Reflect the unique aspects of AR, including interactive and immersive formats, and non-physical product interactions.

Key Points

  • The guidelines were developed by the IAB AR Measurement Guidelines Task Force in collaboration with the MRC.
  • The projected revenue for the US AR advertising market in 2024 is $1.2 billion, highlighting the industry's need for consistent measurement practices.
  • The guidelines are open for public comment to encourage participation from brands, publishers, agencies, and ad tech companies.

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen first-hand the value augmented reality (AR) has for our community and for brands looking to engage consumers,” said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Vice President, Product Growth, Snap Inc. “We’re excited to partner with IAB and MRC, and help the industry navigate effective AR campaign measurement. The AR Measurement Guidelines Task Force is playing a leading role in defining the future of AR advertising, and we look forward to using these guidelines to help partners maximize their AR outcomes.”

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a trade association representing leading media companies, brands, agencies, and technology firms in the digital marketing industry.

The Media Rating Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the validity, reliability, and effectiveness of media measurement services.

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