IAB Europe releases a Guide to Ad Fraud

IAB Europe releases a Guide to Ad Fraud

IAB Europe this month released a Guide to Ad Fraud, a guide developed by IAB Europe’s Quality and Transparency Taskforce, that helps advertisers to prevent Ad Fraud.

Integral Ad Science (IAS), DoubleVerify, Moat (Oracle), GroupM, Pubmatic, Publicis, Agora, were the companies contributing to this guide.

According to IAB Europe, the guide defines specific types of fraud in digital advertising, outlines how verification companies work, provides 16 tips for buyers and planners to prevent ad fraud, and serves as a call for action to the industry to follow best practices to tackle ad fraud.

How IAB Europe defines ad fraud?

Ad fraud is the fraudulent representation of online advertising impressions, clicks, conversions, or data events, in order to generate revenue.

What are the types of ad fraud?

  • Site Fraud (Impression Laundering, Stacked and Hidden Ads, Traffic Acquisition Manipulation).
  • App Fraud (Spoofed Apps, Hidden Ads, Background Apps, Measurement Manipulation)
  • Device Fraud (Bots, Hijacked Devices)

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