IAB Tech Lab enhances Supply Chain API for increased transparency and ad fraud prevention

IAB Tech Lab enhances Supply Chain API for increased transparency and ad fraud prevention

The IAB Tech Lab this week announced an upgrade to its Supply Chain API. The new Supply Chain Plus API tier delivers near real-time data to subscribers, boosting transparency, and streamlining efforts to combat ad fraud.

Increased Crawl Frequency: The service now crawls Ads.txt and App-ads.txt data five days per week (up from three), offering near real-time visibility into these critical files.

Data Freshness: Subscribers gain lightning-fast updates, eliminating delays often associated with verifying ads.txt entries.

Faster Troubleshooting: Fresh daily data simplifies troubleshooting efforts in understanding unauthorized ad paths.

Enhanced Accuracy: A new file hash feature in Supply Chain Plus API assures the integrity of downloaded data, adding an extra layer of protection against fraud.

"These enhancements reaffirm the IAB Tech Lab’s commitment to our members using the Supply Chain API. This data set is a critical industry resource and should be used to validate every transaction," wrote Todd Henry, Senior Product Manager at IAB Tech Lab. "We continue to work to make the data available at a low cost to the market at a frequency that keeps up with the speed of our member’s businesses."

Pricing and Feature Breakdown

The Supply Chain Plus API offers additional functionality alongside the existing features of the base Supply Chain API:

  • Access to Ads.txt and App-ads.txt data for millions of domains and apps
  • CSV data format
  • Secure access for subscribers
  • Comprehensive documentation

IAB Tech Lab has adopted a tiered pricing model to accommodate both cost-conscious subscribers and those seeking maximum data freshness:

  • Existing Subscription: 3x weekly crawls, pricing remains unchanged
  • Supply Chain Plus API: 5x weekly crawls, additional $2,500 annually

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