IAB Tech Lab expands CTV App Store Support in App-Ads.txt aggregator

IAB Tech Lab expands CTV App Store Support in App-Ads.txt aggregator
App-Ads.txt aggregator

The IAB Tech Lab has announced the addition of three new CTV app stores to its App-Ads.txt aggregator: Samsung, Vizio, and LG. This expansion further enhances supply chain transparency in the CTV inventory market.

Ads.txt and app-ads.txt are frameworks designed to prevent domain spoofing in programmatic transactions. They allow publishers and content creators to list authorized sellers of their programmatic inventory, increasing transparency and helping buyers identify counterfeit inventory.

The IAB Tech Lab's App-Ads.txt aggregator provides a centralized location for accessing aggregated and structured app-ads.txt data, eliminating the need for individual companies to manage their own crawlers. The data is available for free and can be accessed through the IAB Tech Lab Tools Portal. The subscription to APIs is $2,500 for IAB Tech Lab members and $4,500 for non-members.  

In addition to the new CTV app stores, the IAB Tech Lab has also been working with existing app stores to improve their compliance with the app-ads.txt specification. These efforts are helping to ensure that the aggregator provides the most comprehensive and accurate data possible.

The expansion of CTV app store support in the App-Ads.txt aggregator is a significant step forward for the programmatic advertising industry. It will help to improve transparency, reduce fraud, and ultimately benefit both buyers and sellers of CTV inventory.

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