IAB Tech Lab finalizes Framework for Data Deletion Requests in Ad Tech

IAB Tech Lab releases finalized Data Deletion Request Framework, standardizing how companies handle consumer privacy requests within the digital ad supply chain.

IAB Tech Lab
IAB Tech Lab

The IAB Tech Lab, a digital advertising industry body focused on technical standards, this week announced the finalization of its Data Deletion Request Framework. This framework establishes a standardized approach for transmitting data deletion requests throughout the complex digital advertising supply chain.

What is the Data Deletion Request Framework?

The Data Deletion Request Framework creates a common method for handling consumer requests to have their data deleted according to the "Right to Delete," a data subject right (DSR) enshrined in various privacy regulations. These regulations include:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • 16 US state privacy laws
  • Quebec Law 25

The framework offers several key functionalities:

  • Standardized Transmission: Establishes a consistent way to transmit data deletion requests across different companies involved in online advertising.
  • Verification and Authentication: Provides mechanisms to verify the legitimacy of deletion requests and ensure the authenticity of the individuals making the requests.
  • Confirmation and Security: Offers methods for confirming receipt of deletion requests and utilizes cryptographic signatures to enhance data security throughout the process.

Why is the Framework Important?

The digital advertising supply chain involves numerous companies, each potentially collecting and storing user data. This complexity can make it challenging for consumers to exercise their data deletion rights effectively. The Data Deletion Request Framework aims to streamline this process by providing a standardized approach for handling deletion requests across the entire ecosystem.

Industry Collaboration in Framework Development

The IAB Tech Lab highlights the collaborative nature of the framework's development process. Several industry players, including Google, Roku, Ketch, Sourcepoint, Dstillery, Raptive, Mediavine, and Index Exchange, actively participated in shaping the framework.

Industry leaders expressed their support for the initiative:

  • Mary Xiaoyong Liu Wang, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google: "The Data Deletion Request Framework addresses a longstanding industry challenge... This framework reflects a collaborative commitment to upholding privacy standards."
  • Kale Smith, Senior Product Manager, Global Privacy Infrastructure, Roku: "The Data Deletion Request Framework is a vital tool for managing privacy at scale... This standard facilitates smoother communication of deletion requests across the ecosystem."
  • Others: Industry representatives from Ketch, Sourcepoint, Dstillery, Mediavine, and Index Exchange all echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the framework's potential to streamline data deletion processes and enhance compliance efforts.

The IAB Tech Lab is offering a 90-day implementation period with additional support for early adopters to encourage widespread adoption of the framework. This dedicated timeframe ensures companies have the necessary resources to integrate the framework into their existing systems.

The Data Deletion Request Framework represents a significant step forward in addressing data privacy concerns within the digital advertising industry. By establishing a standardized approach for handling data deletion requests, the framework empowers consumers to exercise their rights and promotes greater compliance with privacy regulations. As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, the framework serves as a foundation for future privacy initiatives within the adtech ecosystem.

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