IAS partners with Snap for AI-Powered Brand Safety measurement

This collaboration brings AI-driven brand safety and suitability measurement to Snap's advertising platform.

IAS partners with Snap
IAS partners with Snap

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, this month announced a new partnership with Snap. This collaboration brings AI-driven brand safety and suitability measurement to Snap's advertising platform.

Brand safety and suitability measurement helps advertisers ensure their ads are displayed alongside content that aligns with their brand image and target audience. This protects brands from appearing next to inappropriate or irrelevant content.

Key Aspects of the Partnership

First-mover Advantage: This partnership positions IAS and Snap as the first to offer GARM-aligned brand safety and suitability measurement on Snap's platform. GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) is an industry organization that develops standards for responsible media practices.

Total Media Quality for Snap: This comprehensive solution from IAS includes brand safety and suitability measurement alongside viewability and invalid traffic measurement. Viewability measurement verifies whether ads are actually seen by users, while invalid traffic measurement identifies fraudulent activity.

Expanded Measurement Coverage: The partnership also expands viewability and invalid traffic measurement to encompass AR Lenses and Filters, as well as Discover Feed Story Ads Tiles on Snap. AR Lenses and Filters allow users to add augmented reality elements to their photos and videos, while Discover Feed Story Ads Tiles are ad placements within Snapchat's Discover section.

Benefits for Advertisers

Transparency: Advertisers gain independent verification of content adjacency through IAS's third-party analysis. This analysis is aligned with the GARM framework and considers factors like misinformation.

Advanced Technology: IAS utilizes AI-powered, frame-by-frame analysis of image, audio, and text to accurately categorize content on Snap at scale. This ensures comprehensive brand safety and suitability assessments.

Global Reach: The solution offers holistic global coverage, supporting over 90 languages across video and display advertising campaigns on Snap.

The partnership between IAS and Snap is a significant development for advertisers seeking to ensure brand safety and suitability on the Snapchat platform. The GARM-aligned measurement provided by IAS, combined with advanced AI technology and comprehensive coverage, empowers advertisers to make informed decisions about their advertising placements while safeguarding their brand reputation.

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