ID5 secures $20 Million in Series B funding to drive privacy-first identity innovation

ID5 secures $20 Million in Series B funding to drive privacy-first identity innovation

ID5 today announced it has secured $20 million in Series B funding. This investment highlights the confidence that both financial and strategic investors have in ID5's ability to shape the future of a cookieless advertising landscape.

The round was led by new investors TransUnion and S4S Ventures, with continued support from previous backers Progress Ventures, Seventure Partners, 360 Capital Partners, Axio, and Aperiam Ventures. Sanja Partalo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of S4S Ventures, and Michael Schoen, EVP and head of TruAudience marketing solutions at TransUnion, will join ID5's board of directors.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Pivotal Moment: This substantial funding occurs amidst a backdrop of shifting privacy regulations, heightened media investment, and the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies.
  • Investor Validation: The backing signals a renewed trust in identity solutions and ID5's market-leading position.
  • Global Adoption: Thousands of publishers, advertisers, and ad tech platforms already utilize ID5's services, making it a dominant force in the identity space.

“The data landscape has shifted hugely with the slow death of cookies, and ID5 has emerged from the disruption with a winning formula to enable brands to amplify the value of their data,” said Sir Martin Sorell, Executive Chairman at S4 Capital Group and Co-founder at S4S Ventures. “The company has demonstrated that its innovative technology allows advertising to be targeted, while respecting customer privacy and preferences. It draws on European roots and GDPR experience to offer a more sophisticated approach to data privacy, while helping brands get maximum return on their advertising investments.”

ID5 focus on secure, scalable identity solutions tailored for the needs of advertisers and publishers has propelled its rapid growth. Case studies demonstrate the company's proven ability to increase performance in cookieless environments. With the end of third-party cookies fast approaching, demand for ID5's solutions continues to accelerate.

“ID5 has been receiving unprecedented levels of support from investors and interest from partners,” said Mathieu Roche, ID5’s CEO and Co-Founder. “This investment from strategic players such as TransUnion and S4S Ventures, in such a pivotal year for our industry, further strengthens our position as the leading identity solution and demonstrates trust in our ability to provide our partners with best in class technology to support addressable and measurable advertising.”

“TransUnion sees significant value in ID5's approach—validated by both buy and sell side adoption,” said Michael Schoen, EVP and Head of TruAudience Marketing Solutions at TransUnion. “ID5’s identifier, integrated with TransUnion’s identity and addressability solution, is a powerful combination for reaching authenticated and unauthenticated audiences and provides marketers with a much-needed solution in the post-cookie world for effective activation and measurement.”

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