IDAGIO, the streaming service for classical music, launches a free version worldwide

IDAGIO yesterday launched a free version worldwide (except Japan and China). IDAGIO is an audio streaming service for classical music with a catalog of over 2 million tracks.

The free version works like Spotify as users can’t play specific songs, but only playlists. The premium version ($9.99 per month) enables users to play specific songs, listen in lossless audio quality (FLAC), and store music offline.

One popular feature of IDAGIO is Moods, where listeners can select a mood (happy, festive, sad, etc) with the Mood Player and will then be played a selection of music to match their mindset. IDAGIO also features personal recommendations and playlists curated by artists and experts, such as pianist Lang Lang, and thoroughly curated playlists featuring essential works of the 100 most important composers.

“A central part of our mission is to bring its beauty and calming power to people everywhere – regardless of age, origin or income. With IDAGIO Free, we see this as a decisive step in the democratization of classical music,” said Till Janczukowicz, IDAGIO’s CEO and Founder.

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