Index Exchange adopts sellers.json & SupplyChain

Index Exchange adopts sellers.json & SupplyChain

Index Exchange this week announced it has implemented the IAB Tech Lab’s specifications for sellers.json and the SupplyChain object. Index Exchange say it is one of the first major exchanges to do this implementation, and now DSPs will find a SupplyChain object in every bid request from Index.

With SupplyChain adoption, buyers can understand each hop a bid request takes in between themselves and the publisher, enabling them to make better buying decisions.

According to Index Exchange, SupplyChain, or Schain, is a new object passed in the ext object of ad requests. Each party who touches the ad request adds a node to the chain. By the time it reaches a DSP, the buyer can see a complete list of each participant in the impression’s sale.

sellers.json is a file stored at which lists all the sellers Index work with. Buyers cache the sellers.json file in order to interpret the schain objects in the bid requests.

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