Google Ads Introduces IP address exclusions in Performance Max campaigns

Google Ads Introduces IP address exclusions in Performance Max campaigns
Google Ads

Google Ads yesterday unveiled a new feature designed to provide marketers with greater control over ad delivery within Performance Max campaigns. IP address exclusions allow marketers to block specific IP addresses or network ranges from seeing their ads.

IP address exclusions function like virtual roadblocks within the online advertising landscape. By excluding specific IP addresses, marketers can prevent their ads from being shown on devices or networks associated with those addresses.

Benefits of IP address exclusions

There are several scenarios where IP address exclusions can be advantageous for marketers:

  • Minimizing Internal Clicks: Marketers can exclude their company's IP address to avoid internal clicks that can distort campaign data and inflate costs.
  • Targeting Specific Geographies: While geo-targeting is available within Performance Max campaigns, IP exclusions offer a more granular level of control. For instance, a business might exclude IP addresses linked to a competitor's headquarters location.

Google Ads offers IP address exclusions at two levels:

  • Account Level: This approach enables marketers to manage blocked IP addresses centrally, applying the exclusions to all campaigns within an account. This is ideal for consistent exclusions across various campaigns.
  • Campaign Level: This approach provides more granular control. Marketers can exclude specific IP addresses from individual campaigns, allowing for tailored targeting within each campaign.

IP address exclusions are a valuable tool for refining targeting within Performance Max campaigns. By leveraging this feature alongside other targeting options and performance data analysis, marketers can optimize their campaigns for maximum reach and return on investment.

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