Keyword Planner was rebuilt to simplify the access to forecasts and the keyword research

Last week, Google announced that the Keyword Planner was rebuilt. “The Keyword Planner has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now available in the new AdWords experience. We’ve simplified the tool while adding new features to help advertisers get the most out of your Search campaigns,” wrote Google.

Keyword Planner allows advertisers to research keywords, helping to find new keywords to add to a new or existing campaign or to get historical statistics and traffic forecasts.

According to Google, forecasts can be used to:

  • Get updated keyword forecasts based on potential bids;
  • Sort your results by clicks, cost, match type, impressions, CTR, or average CPC;
  • Customize your forecasts by date range to see how seasonality affects traffic;
  • Visit the Plan overview page to see forecasts for top keywords, locations, and devices;
  • Download plan forecasts in an AdWords Editor-friendly format.