LinkedIn integrates Campaign Manager in Sponsored Content Ads

LinkedIn today announced the integration with Google Campaign Manager (formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager), now part of Google Marketing Platform.

The integration between LinkedIn and Campaign Manager (Google CM) will enable to see LinkedIn ad performance alongside the rest of the advertiser paid spend, and also get attribution for the LinkedIn ads across all impressions and interactions, measured in a cross-device and cross-platform manner. Earlier this year, LinkedIn launched this integration for some ad formats, but today – LinkedIn made it available also for Sponsored Content.

When advertisers activate the integration, they will be able to see the LinkedIn ad performance in Campaign Manager, and use their conversion attribution capabilities for Sponsored Content campaigns, including Video, Carousel and Lead-Gen Forms, as well as Text and “Spotlight” Dynamic Ads.

Taylor Greason, product manager at LinkedIn, said that this integration highlights LinkedIn commitment to make LinkedIn’s ad platform easier to use by providing the flexibility marketers need to access all their campaigns in one place.

“Our customers use Campaign Manager to track and report on their ad performance in a single place, and we are really excited to offer this capability for their LinkedIn campaigns as well. This new integration makes it easy for customers to see metrics and attribution for LinkedIn campaigns alongside the rest of their campaign data.”

Payam Shodjai, Director of Product for Google Marketing Platform

How to enable Google Campaign Manager measurement on LinkedIn?

After creating the Sponsored Content campaign as a “Draft’, click the “Manage tracking” bullseye icon to add your Google tracking tags.

Add impression and clicks tags, and hit “Save”. The tags for carousel and video campaign go here as well.