LinkedIn rolls out Open for Business globally

LinkedIn today launched Open for Business globally, a tool that enables small business owners and freelancers to add the services they offer to their LinkedIn profiles. Open for Business was originally launched in the US this summer and is now available to all LinkedIn members across 28 languages.

Open for Business will make it easy for small business owners and freelancers to be found, as LinkedIn members can now search for service providers, where freelancers and small business owners will show up. Messages to LinkedIn members open for business are for free.

LinkedIn is also offering a social share feature providing members with a customized image to share that they are “open for business” with their LinkedIn network.

“Small businesses and freelancers play a critical role in the growth and future of our global economy. And with 660 million members and 30 million companies on the platform across the world, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help them be more productive and successful, whether they are based in Dubai or Dundee,” said Allen Blue, LinkedIn’s co-founder and VP of Product Management.

How to use LinkedIn’s Open for Business?

To turn on the Open for Business, small business owners or freelancers need to visit the profile page from the mobile app or desktop, and you will see a box under the profile photo/headline that gives the option to showcase the services. Click “Get started” and then a form to provide details will appear. LinkedIn recommends users to provide information as detailed as possible.

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