Magnite joins Amazon Ads' Certified Supply Exchange Program

Magnite, a leading Sell-Side Platform (SSP), this month has become one of the first partners in Amazon Ads' Certified Supply Exchange Program.


Magnite, a leading Sell-Side Platform (SSP), this month has become one of the first partners in Amazon Ads' Certified Supply Exchange Program. This collaboration aims to create a more efficient and transparent buying process for advertisers while offering publishers increased access to demand.

Benefits for Advertisers

Simplified Buying: Magnite's participation in the program streamlines the process for advertisers buying programmatic inventory on Amazon's Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Transparency and Addressability: The program offers increased transparency and addressability, allowing advertisers to target specific audiences more effectively.

Premium Inventory and Amazon Insights: Advertisers gain access to premium inventory from Magnite's network alongside Amazon's first-party shopping signals through "Amazon Shopper Insights" curated packages. This enables them to leverage Amazon's consumer data for targeting on non-Amazon properties.

Improved Efficiency: Magnite's partnership with Amazon Ads aims to create a more efficient programmatic buying process by reducing complexity within the supply chain.

Benefits for Publishers

Increased Demand: Publishers using Magnite's platform can benefit from the additional demand generated through the Amazon Ads partnership.

Monetization Opportunities: This collaboration opens up new opportunities for publishers to monetize their inventory by providing direct access to ad dollars from Amazon advertisers.

Third-Party Buy Support: Magnite emphasizes its continued support for facilitating third-party buys on its platform.

"Magnite is excited to collaborate with Amazon Ads on this initiative to create more meaningful outcomes for buyers through enhanced, higher quality paths. This combination of Amazon Ads’s unique insights with Magnite’s unrivaled access to premium and curated supply can help buyers drive stronger results across differentiated inventory packages, including Amazon Shopper Insights packages, with scaled audiences” said Mike Evans, SVP of Demand Facilitation at Magnite.

The Magnite and Amazon Ads partnership reflects a broader industry trend towards more publisher-direct and SSP integrations. This approach aligns with the growing adoption of Supply Path Optimization (SPO) by brands, where they seek to optimize the path that ad impressions take from advertiser to publisher.

As the programmatic advertising landscape continues to evolve, collaboration between the buy-side (advertisers and DSPs) and sell-side (publishers and SSPs) is becoming increasingly important. Magnite's partnership with Amazon Ads highlights this growing focus on streamlined and efficient programmatic buying experiences.

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