Magnite partners with United Airlines to deliver personalized Inflight Ads

Magnite wins deal to deliver targeted ads on United Airlines Inflight Entertainment.

Inflight Ads
Inflight Ads

Magnite today announced a partnership with United Airlines to deliver targeted advertising on the airline's inflight personal device entertainment (PDE) platform. This collaboration expands United's recently launched Kinective Media platform, designed to connect travelers with personalized offers and experiences throughout their journeys.

Kinective Media: United's Personalized Travel Ad Network

Launched on June 7, 2024, Kinective Media is the first airline industry media network to leverage travel behavior data for targeted advertising. This anonymized data allows marketers to reach United customers across various touchpoints, including the award-winning mobile app and inflight entertainment screens. MileagePlus members can also expect more personalized offers and experiences based on their travel habits. Kinective Media has already secured partnerships with major brands like Macy's, Chase, and IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Kinective Media logo
Kinective Media logo

Magnite Powers Ad Delivery on United's Platform

Magnite's SpringServe ad server will be the central platform for managing and delivering targeted advertising on United's inflight entertainment system. This includes ad campaign management, measurement, and delivery reconciliation. Magnite will handle bidding, sales fulfillment, and ad delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for both advertisers and travelers.

United's Inflight Entertainment System

United's inflight entertainment system offers a variety of content, including over 2,800 movies and TV shows, a moving map, arrival information, and digital menus. This content is available in over 20 languages and accessible on both seatback screens and personal devices. With an average flight time of 3.5 hours, United's inflight entertainment system presents a high-engagement platform for advertisers.

Benefits for Advertisers and Travelers

This partnership offers potential benefits for both advertisers and travelers. Advertisers gain access to a targeted audience of millions of frequent flyers with significant disposable income. Travelers, on the other hand, may encounter more relevant and personalized advertising during their flights. United emphasizes that user privacy remains a priority, with targeted advertising achieved through anonymized data segments.

The Future of In-Flight Advertising

The collaboration between Magnite and United Airlines signifies a shift towards more targeted advertising within the inflight entertainment space. This approach has the potential to increase revenue for airlines while offering a more relevant advertising experience for travelers. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how other airlines leverage data and technology to personalize the in-flight advertising experience.

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