MaxTV Media joins DPAA

DPAA, the digital out-of-home marketing association, announced yesterday that Toronto-based MaxTV Media joined the association. MaxTV is a leader in interactive digital technology with more than 1000 customizable hardware and software installations in residential condominium buildings across Canada. The company’s high-tech, innovative and intuitive platform allows intelligent delivery of relevant video ad messages to a hard-to-reach audience of condominium residents.

“As we grow our ad business it made great sense to join DPAA so we can avail ourselves of their member benefit tools and participate in the fast growth of DOOH advertising. We look forward to working with Barry and his team, and to applying insights gained to our business,” said Erik Kehat, CEO at MaxTV Media.

Barry Frey, DPAA President & CEO, said that MaxTV created a “terrific network of impactful digital screens that reach upscale audiences with relevant content– a strong proposition for brands.”