Media Rating Council accredits Google Ads Data Hub

Media Rating Council accredits Google Ads Data Hub

Google this month announced that Media Rating Council accredited Ads Data Hub for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)-filtered, rendered, and viewable video ad impressions and TrueView Views generated through the Ads Data Hub user interface and API.

The accreditation covers desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app for YouTube and Google Video Partners video ads on Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and YouTube Reserve, and includes the processes used in the matching of unique audience identifiers.

In August 2020, MRC said the previous auditing of the YouTube 3rd Party integrated viewability measurement reporting process was obsolete, as Google moved to transition all 3rd Party vendors to its Ads Data Hub (ADH) platform. MRC stated at the time that a new audit of the Google 1st Party ADH processes had to be executed and completed before MRC could grant accreditation to any 3rd Party vendor that might complete an audit for its reporting of YouTube data.

MRC said Google committed to submit these new ADH processes to MRC for auditing on an expedited basis, and has agreed in principle to an MRC audit of the ADH instrumentations for 3rd Party audience measurement, on a later timeline.

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