Meta AI Arrives in India

Meta AI promises to be a versatile companion for Indian users. The announcement highlights a range of functionalities designed to streamline tasks, spark creativity, and enhance information discovery, all within the familiar interfaces of Meta's core apps.

Meta AI
Meta AI

Meta last week announced the arrival of Meta AI, its advanced large language model (LLM) assistant, in India. This AI assistant is integrated across several Meta-owned platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook itself, in addition to a dedicated web interface at

Built using Meta's most powerful LLM to date, Llama 3, Meta AI promises a range of functionalities designed to enhance user experience on these platforms. Users can access Meta AI in feeds, chats, and other app features to complete tasks, generate creative content, and conduct in-depth research on various topics, all without leaving the app they're currently using.

For instance, when using a computer, users can visit to seek assistance with tasks like solving math problems or crafting professional emails. This integration effectively places a powerful AI assistant directly in users' pockets, accessible for free across a dozen countries, with English language support now available in India.

Meta AI leverages Llama 3 to provide a smarter, faster, and more engaging user experience, according to the company.

How Can Meta AI Assist You?

The announcement highlights several potential applications for Meta AI in everyday life:

  • Social Planning: While chatting with friends on WhatsApp, users can leverage Meta AI to find restaurants with specific criteria, such as scenic views and vegan options.
  • Trip Planning: Organizing a weekend getaway? Meta AI can provide suggestions for interesting stops along a planned road trip route.
  • Educational Support: Students cramming for exams can utilize the web interface of Meta AI to generate multiple-choice practice tests.
  • Creative Inspiration: Furnishing a new apartment? Ask Meta AI to "imagine" a desired aesthetic style, generating an AI-powered mood board with inspiring furniture options.

Meta AI functionality extends beyond chat features. While scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed, users can encounter interesting content and request additional information from Meta AI directly within the post. For example, if a post showcases the Northern Lights in Iceland, a user can leverage Meta AI to find the optimal time of year to witness the Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

Meta AI offers a "Imagine" feature that allows users to generate and share images through text prompts. This text-to-image generation capability can be used for various creative purposes, such as designing custom birthday party invitations or collaborating with friends to create unique images through alterations to prompts. Additionally, users can find existing images they like and request that Meta AI animate them or create variations based on further user input.

The introduction of Meta AI powered by Llama 3 signifies a significant upgrade for Meta's AI assistant offerings. This wider rollout, bringing the technology to more users globally, has the potential to significantly enhance user experiences on Meta-owned platforms.

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