Meta elevates Cricket Fan experience on Instagram and Threads

Meta elevates Cricket Fan experience on Instagram and Threads
Cricket on Threads

This cricket season, Meta is offering fans new ways to experience the thrill of the game on its platforms. With a focus on community engagement and exclusive content, Meta aims to enhance how fans follow and interact with their favorite teams and players.

Understanding the passion of Indian cricket fans, Meta has partnered with over 250 popular content creators to spark conversations and create a buzzing atmosphere on Threads.

“The current cricket fever is all about intense rivalries, passionate involvement and strong fan following. With platforms like Threads that enable fans and experts to voice their opinions and Instagram that allows fans and athletes to share moments and create unique content related to the games, we are dedicated to heighten this excitement through our partnerships and collaborations with creators from all over India," said Paras Sharma, Director, Content and Community Partnerships, Meta, India. 

Fans can now connect directly with teams like the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Renowned experts like Akash Chopra, Ridhima Pathak, and analyst Mufaddal Vohra add their insights to the mix. Plus, fan-favorite creators like Naveen Singh (bihariladka), Shreyas Mendiratta, and Deepika Venkatachalam (deepika_v__) keep the excitement going.

Meta's collaboration with Star Sports, India's leading cricket broadcaster, offers several unique ways for fans to interact:

  • 'Ask Star': This initiative lets fans submit questions directly to the Star Sports commentary team during live matches via Threads, with a chance to have them answered on air.
  • 'Ajab Gajab T20 Challenge': Fans got a treat with this friendly cricket match where former greats like Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, and Steve Smith faced off against content creators. The highlights are available to watch on Reels.
  • 'Shor Squad': Select creators get the chance to have their Reels broadcast live during matches, bringing their unique perspectives and energy to the virtual stadium.

Direct Connections with Teams

Meta has also partnered with teams like Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, allowing content creators special access to players and events. This collaboration results in behind-the-scenes content and collaborations that give fans an even closer look at their favorite teams.

How to Get Involved

To jump into the action:

  • Follow the hashtag #IPL2024 on Instagram
  • Search for the tag 'IPL2024' on Threads to jump into the latest discussions.

This focus on fan-centric initiatives highlights Meta's understanding of what cricket enthusiasts want - more ways to connect with their passion for the sport.

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