Meta new business messaging features for WhatsApp and Messenger

Enhance marketing, conversions & customer support with Meta's latest messaging tools.

WhatsApp Business App
WhatsApp Business App

This week, in Conversations event in São Paulo, Meta announced several new features designed to improve business messaging experiences on WhatsApp and Messenger.

These features focus on increasing marketing effectiveness, driving sales conversions, and enhancing customer support through AI integration.

Meta is introducing marketing message optimizations for businesses using Ads Manager on WhatsApp. This feature leverages AI to analyze subscriber lists and recommend the most relevant recipients for specific marketing goals, such as lead generation or product awareness campaigns. Businesses can expect improved return on investment (ROI) with more targeted messaging, as demonstrated by a 30% reduction in cost per page view and a 20% increase in click-through rate for a Brazilian financial technology company using this feature during testing. This functionality will soon be available for businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform or Marketing API through partner integrations.

Conversions API for Business Messaging

Conversions API is now available for Business Messaging, allowing businesses to connect marketing data from various sources, including websites, apps, stores, and messaging channels, with Meta's platforms. This enables businesses to:

  • Track performance trends: Easily view key metrics such as leads and sales generated through ad clicks that lead to messaging conversations.
  • A/B test messaging strategies: Compare the effectiveness of different messaging approaches to optimize performance.
  • Access down-funnel ad optimizations: Leverage conversion data to refine ad targeting and messaging for improved results.

A recent Meta case study highlights the potential of Conversions API for Business Messaging. LifeGreen, a company leveraging this feature, achieved a 2X increase in purchases, a 49% reduction in cost per purchase, and a 23% increase in return on ad spend compared to their previous campaign approach.

Bringing AI for Businesses to WhatsApp

Meta is piloting AI support for businesses using the WhatsApp Business app. This initiative aims to:

  • Enhance customer support: Businesses can activate AI in chat conversations to provide faster and more efficient support services.
  • Simplify ad creation: AI can assist businesses in creating Facebook and Instagram ads that direct users to initiate WhatsApp chats.
  • Offer in-app guidance: Businesses can utilize AI within the WhatsApp Business app to ask questions and receive help using various features.

These functionalities are currently being tested with a limited group of businesses, with a planned expansion to more users in the coming months.

Meta Verified Badge

Meta is rolling out a verification program called "Meta Verified" for small businesses utilizing the WhatsApp Business app in select countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia. This program offers verified badges, impersonation protection, account support, verified channels, and premium features. Premium features include:

  • Custom WhatsApp page: A discoverable webpage showcasing the business.
  • Enhanced multi-device support: Allows multiple employees to manage customer conversations for improved service.

Businesses interested in subscribing to Meta Verified can do so directly within the WhatsApp Business app. Meta plans to expand this program to more businesses and countries based on its initial success.

Marketing Messages within WhatsApp Business App

Meta is introducing the ability for businesses using the WhatsApp Business app in specific countries (including Indonesia and Mexico) to send marketing messages to their customers. This optional paid feature allows businesses to:

  • Reach a broader audience: Send bulk messages tailored with customer names and personalized call-to-action buttons.
  • Schedule message delivery: Plan the date and time for message delivery.
  • Target specific customer segments: Send messages to designated customer lists based on labels or categories.
  • Track message performance: Analyze message insights such as read and reply rates.

Meta plans to expand this functionality to additional countries throughout 2024.

Calling Functionality on WhatsApp Business Platform

A pilot program is underway to allow customers to initiate calls directly with businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform. This feature offers an alternative communication channel for complex inquiries or situations where a call might be more efficient. Additionally, Meta plans to introduce the ability for businesses to initiate outbound calls to customers with their permission in the future.

These new features from Meta aim to empower businesses to leverage the power of messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger to connect with customers more effectively, build stronger relationships, and ultimately drive business growth.

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