Microsoft Advertising adds LinkedIn Profile targeting

Microsoft Advertising adds LinkedIn Profile targeting
LinkedIn Profile targeting

Microsoft Advertising today added LinkedIn Profile targeting for both search and audience campaigns.

With LinkedIn Profile targeting, advertisers can target audiences based on the user’s job function, industry, and company declared on LinkedIn. This a clear differentiation for Microsoft Advertising, as Google doesn’t have this data.

According to Microsoft, LinkedIn Profile targeting is now available for search and audience campaigns in the US, California, in the UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

LinkedIn Profile targeting covers more than 100 industries and 80,000 companies.

How to set up a campaign with LinkedIn Profile targeting?

Microsoft says that advertisers first need to have a sense of the type of companies or jobs they would like to target.

To discover the targetings available, advertisers need to navigate to the Settings tab of an existing campaign or ad group.

Then select Edit target categories to add LinkedIn Profile targets to the campaigns or ad groups. LinkedIn Profile targeting is also available on the Demographics tab.

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